Don’t Delay A Recommended Treatment — Schedule An Appointment Today!

We know that many of our patients are extremely busy during this time of year. Between work, end-of-school celebrations, sports, family outings, and time with friends, it can feel like there is never a free minute during the week. No matter how busy you may be, it is important to make your oral health a priority. You only have one set of teeth for your lifetime, so it is important to care for them properly.

Foods With Benefits To Your Oral Health

There is the popular saying, “You are what you eat,” which means the foods you consume can have an effect on your body and overall health. The same is true for your oral health. We frequently explain the importance of limiting sugary foods in your diet because of the harmful effects they can have on your teeth and gums. However, do you know which foods are beneficial to your oral health? We are going to share some recommendations that can help your teeth and gums:

It’s Spring! Time For A Dental Check-Up!

We are so happy that it is finally spring. Spring is a popular time for “spring cleaning,” which is the process of thoroughly cleaning your home to remove the lingering effects of the winter. We encourage our patients to do the same with their oral health. If it has been some time since your last visit, spring is the perfect time to schedule an oral hygiene examination and cleaning. Read on to learn more.

Important Information About Fillings

With spring arriving in a few short days, there is no better time to schedule an oral hygiene examination and cleaning. During these visits, we not only thoroughly clean your teeth, but we also check for problems in your mouth, such as dental decay. If we detect decay, also known as a cavity, we will recommend that you schedule an appointment for a filling. The process of filling a tooth includes removing the harmful decay and replacing it with a composite material that blends in with the remaining tooth enamel. Receiving treatment as soon as we recommend it is extremely important. Cavities cannot heal on their own and will continue to expand, potentially leading to the need for a more involved treatment.

3 Tips For Staying Calm At The Dentist

Do you avoid visiting our office because you suffer from dental anxiety? When it comes to dental care, a large number of adults experience some degree of nervousness or anxiety. While we are sympathetic to everyone’s feelings, avoiding dental care is not the answer. Not getting the care you need can have serious consequences for your current and future oral health. We want to share three helpful ways you can relax during your dental visit. Read on to learn more about these tips.

Why Timely Treatment Matters

Happy New Year! We love the start of a new year. It is the perfect time for fresh beginnings. We know that many of our patients were extremely busy over the past few weeks, preparing and celebrating during the holiday season. If we recommend a dental treatment for you or a loved one, now is the perfect time to schedule the appointment. We would love for you to be worry-free this year when it comes to your oral health. Even if you are not due for a treatment, now is a wonderful time to schedule an oral hygiene examination for yourself and your family. Delaying necessary treatments and routine dental care can lead to serious complications with your oral health. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of not delaying a treatment we recommend.

Why Are My Gums Bleeding?

At Noble Oaks Dentistry, we are passionate about helping our patients have optimal oral health. This is why we are passionate about routine oral hygiene visits and encourage our patients to schedule any necessary treatments in a timely manner. Between visits to our office, it is important to be mindful of your oral health and regularly check for anything that may seem like it has changed with your teeth and gums. One thing you can check for is bleeding gums. If you notice red or pink in the water after brushing, there is a good chance you have bleeding gums. While this does not always indicate a problem, it is a good idea to be mindful of what may be occurring with your oral health. Bleeding gums can occur for one of the following reasons:

Let’s Celebrate TMJ Awareness Month!

With Thanksgiving, November is the month that seems to kick off the holiday season. Aside from this popular holiday, there is another occasion this month that we want to share information about: TMJ Awareness Month. This month is dedicated to helping people learn more about TMJ and TMD. If you are unfamiliar, TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint, which is the ball and socket joint that attaches the lower jaw to the base of the skull. If you place your fingers on the back of your jaw near your ear and open your mouth, you can feel the temporomandibular joint move. You may also hear the term TMD, which refers to temporomandibular joint disorder. People often use TMJ and TMD interchangeably to refer to the same condition.

Choose A Candy Alternative This Halloween

Are you and your loved ones excited that Halloween will be here in a few short weeks? If you are a Halloween lover, do you enjoy the spooky movies and costumes, or are you all about the sweet treats? We know that many people will pick the sweet treats, as Americans purchase more than $2 billion worth of candy each Halloween season. We often share the importance of limiting sugar, so we want to share some candy alternatives you can try with your family this year.