Digital X-Rays – the Dentist's Super Power

Just like in movies and comics where X-ray vision is used to scan for criminal activity behind closed doors, Digital X-rays of your teeth provide a way for the dentist to see issues in your mouth at the very earliest stages. New technology has vastly improved many aspects of dentistry in recent years, and X-ray imaging is one of the technologies that has benefited the most.

Improved Imaging for Patient Health & Safety

If you remember traditional dental X-rays, you will be pleasantly surprised when you come in for your next oral exam. Traditional X-rays required film, which was difficult to place correctly in the patient’s mouth, felt bulky and uncomfortable, and didn’t always provide the best angles or most accurate images. Sometimes an X–ray had to be taken more than once to get suitable results. Not only did this take up valuable time, it exposed the patient and the dental staff to harmful radiation.

Nowadays, dental X-rays use digital technology, no film required, and the new receptors are smaller and fit much more comfortably in your mouth. The resulting images are clearer and far more detailed. Plus, they are immediately viewable on a computer, which allows Dr. James to zoom in on potential problem areas without distorting the image. This advancement in dental diagnostics not only saves time (no waiting for film to develop), but is also less expensive and gives the dentist much more information. Another huge advantage of Digital X-Rays is that they use up to 90% less radiation than traditional ones. This greatly reduces exposure, even if you need multiple X-rays. Since digital imaging doesn’t use film, there is no more need for developing chemicals, which makes digital X-rays a much better choice for the environment.

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