Regular Dental Exams Are Important.

Maintenance is crucial to keep things running properly. Postponing or neglecting required maintenance can have costly consequences. This is true of the homes we live in, the cars we drive, the appliances we use, and pretty much every device we rely on daily. It is especially true when it comes to our health – and most assuredly our oral health. That is why we encourage our patients to see us every six months for a hygiene visit, which includes a complete examination of the mouth, teeth, and gums. Visiting us at least twice a year for a complete oral exam is the best way to ensure that your dental health stays on track.

Here's what to expect:

During an oral exam, Dr. James carefully examines every tooth surface using special instruments and checks for “hidden problems” with the help of digital X-rays and other images. He also examines your gums for signs of disease and your entire mouth for signs of oral cancer. A good comprehensive exam can reveal dental health issues you may not be aware of. The goal is to catch potential problems in their earliest stages so they can be treated as quickly and effectively as possible.

Once Dr. James has completed the oral exam, he will talk you through his findings to ensure that you fully understand what is going on with your mouth and teeth. After all current and potential issues have been identified and evaluated, he will sit down with you to discuss treatment options and answer all of your questions.

A truly collaborative experience

Dr. James believes that dental care should be a collaborative experience, and he enjoys educating patients about the pillars of good oral health and dental care. This type of collaboration is essential and allows Dr. James to be a real partner as you strive to achieve optimal oral health.

At Noble Oaks Dentistry, we want to make sure that your treatment plan not only addresses your immediate and future needs, but also fits your lifestyle and, of course, your budget.

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