Why Are My Gums Bleeding?

At Noble Oaks Dentistry, we are passionate about helping our patients have optimal oral health. This is why we are passionate about routine oral hygiene visits and encourage our patients to schedule any necessary treatments in a timely manner. Between visits to our office, it is important to be mindful of your oral health and regularly check for anything that may seem like it has changed with your teeth and gums. One thing you can check for is bleeding gums. If you notice red or pink in the water after brushing, there is a good chance you have bleeding gums. While this does not always indicate a problem, it is a good idea to be mindful of what may be occurring with your oral health. Bleeding gums can occur for one of the following reasons:

Are Your Lifestyle Choices Affecting Your Oral Health?

At Noble Oaks Dentistry, we want you to have optimal oral health. One of the best ways to do this is to make wise choices in your everyday life that do not negatively affect your oral health. Unfortunately, some patients make poor lifestyle choices, and it can negatively impact your oral health. While these habits might not be affecting your oral health now, they will most certainly lead to problems in the future.

Should I Be Worried?

We often stress the importance of establishing and maintaining a regular oral hygiene routine. Patients who follow through with this typically have fewer oral health problems and issues when compared to other patients. If you do not always care for your mouth the way you should and have been noticing blood when you brush and floss your teeth, you may be experiencing a problem with your oral health. Continue reading to learn more.

The Silent Threat To Oral Health

When you visit our office for a hygiene examination and cleaning, we do more than inspect your mouth for decay. We also look for other conditions that can bring about severe damage to your oral health. One of these conditions is gum disease. Detecting gum disease on your own is virtually impossible because it doesn’t cause discomfort, leaving your mouth open to severe consequences if not detected in the early stages and treated in a timely manner. Untreated gum disease can progress to a point where it can become a serious threat not only to your oral health, but to your overall health as well.